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Your qualified partner for digitization in the operating room

RIWOlink provides all services required for a successful implementation of digitization projects for the operating room. The focus is on surgical workflow and process support as well as AI-based image/video analysis and processing.
The required technologies, such as IP-based video routing in 4K quality and a wide range of data interfaces, e. g. for OR documentation in the patient context, are also part of the portfolio, as well as software development for customer-specific applications.
Based on our know-how from decades of work, both in endoscopic diagnostics and therapy as well as in the implementation of OR digitization projects, we have first-hand knowledge of the circumstances and current challenges of medical care facilities.
  • Patient Safety:

Prediction of possible errors and malfunctions

Detection of malfunctions and assistance in rectifying malfunctions

Warnings and indications of connected devices and systems

Forecasting of running times and upcoming events


  • Workflow Efficiency:

Optimisation of procedures and equipment parameters

Shortening of individual work steps

Planning of subsequent interventions based on the current status

Comparison between individual hospitals


  • Clinical Results:

Supporting the diagnostic activity

Guidance through the surgical workflow

Information on patient, procedure and equipment

Planning procedures and passing on information


  • Clinical Education:

Measurement of activities and work steps

User training and observation

Comparison between users and hospitals

Knowledge transfer to users and system administrators

With competent and hardware-neutral advice, we help to map the complex requirements in continuous digital workflows in customer-specific and application-oriented concepts in line with requirements. Our service spectrum ranges from project planning and implementation to installation, commissioning and instruction to service contracts.
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