It's time to step into tomorrow with the link.OS, the 3rd Generation OR-Integration system!

Changing OT (OR) Infrastructure

Are you tired of outdated hardware dominating your operating rooms, causing clutter, and hindering seamless management?
Gone are the days of cumbersome hardware racks cluttering your OR space with the link.OS, we introduce a sleek, modern approach to OR infrastructure. Say goodbye to bulky racks occupying valuable space; our system boasts a small to zero footprint in the OR, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace.

Streamlined Connectivity

Are you facing challenges with interconnecting rooms for management purposes?
RIWOlink has the solution—our link.OS system, designed for seamless connectivity, eliminates the hassle of managing multiple cables and interfaces.
Whether you're dealing with VOIP or outdated Matrix designs, the link.OS simplifies the process with centralized management solutions and a digital audio interface (AIDIO).

Step into tomorrow with the link.OS - the future of OT Integration is here!

  • Easy updates and upgrades

  • Faster installation

  • Remote service

  • AI integration

  • No limits to growth

  • Less hardware, fewer problems!

Future-Proof Technology

link.OS represents a paradigm shift in OT integration.
Unlike traditional systems reliant on hardware, our 3rd-generation design prioritizes software-based features, allowing for easy upgrades and scalability. With APIs facilitating integration with third-party software, link.OS adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring long-term viability and cost-effectiveness.

Cost-Efficient Scalability

Investing in link.OS means investing in your hospital's future.
Our scalable solution is more cost-effective, particularly for institutions with multiple ORs. As the number of ORs increases, the price per room decreases, making the link.OS the ideal choice for facilities looking to expand their surgical capabilities.

Intuitive Workflow Optimization

link.OS streamlines workflows with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features, reducing administrative tasks and enabling staff to focus on patient care.

Personalized User Experience

link.OS offers customizable interfaces and settings, tailoring the platform to individual workflows and preferences, enhancing satisfaction and productivity in the OR.

link.OS is more than just a system—it's a gateway to a more efficient, streamlined, and future-ready OR environment.

link.OS allows you to experience digital compliance, a minimal footprint, and scalable features today.

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